Top 7 Things to do in Stonehenge, England

Most tourists, when planning a vacation to London, add Stonehenge to their itinerary along with other destinations. Nevertheless, if you are thinking there is nothing much to do in Stonehenge except for visiting the historic monument, you will be happy to know that you are wrong.

If you are going to spend a whole day in Stonehenge, it is best if you plan it well. Visiting the monument may take a few hours, and there are plenty of other things that you can do with the time on hand. So, here are the top 7 things to do while you are there. 

Things to do in Stonehenge

1. Visit the historical monument of Stonehenge

Of course, the first and foremost thing you want to do while in Wiltshire visits Stonehenge. The unique stone circles are believed to be 4000 to 5000 years old and are surely mesmerizing in their way. Well, you will need a ticket to visit the site and you can acquire it online or buy it when you arrive at the visitor center. 

Most tourists who have visited Stonehenge will advise you to buy tickets online. This way you can plan your visit better, get a preferred time slot, and can even enjoy better ticket rates and discounts. To know more about Stonehenge tickets, visit

2. Visit Salisbury and its breathtaking Cathedral

While coming to Stonehenge from London, you will have to take a transfer to Salisbury. Also, most of the organized tours in Salisbury in their route. Well, irrespective of how you reach there, it is worth spending a few hours wandering in this city. The main attraction is the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The building began to build in the 13th Century and the English Magna Carta is preserved inside. 

Furthermore, while you are in Salisbury, you can even visit Salisbury Museum. Some of the exhibits there are related to Stonehenge. 

3. Exploring the beauty of the city of Bath

Bath is a beautiful city located just 35 miles from Stonehenge. The history of the city goes way back to the Romans, and there is a lot to see and so here. the Georgian architecture here is simply unbeatable and can be found nowhere else. This is the reason why several period dramas like Bridgerton are filmed here. Also, it is a good destination if you want to spend the night. 

4. Visiting Longleat Safari Park

If you are visiting Stonehenge with kids, visiting this safari park will be a great idea. It is located just 20 miles from Stonehenge, and you can easily spot Lions, tigers, monkeys, and wolves in the park. Usually, you might need a full day in the park, but it is possible to combine it with a Stonehenge visit. 

5. Visit the prettiest village in England – Castle Combe

Castle Combe is a very small town with a population of just 350 people. The village only has one main street, but the beauty of its buildings makes it worth checking out. While you are there you can even visit St. Andrew’s Church as well as a five centuries old pub – The White Hart. If you are looking for someplace peaceful, Castle Combe can be it.

Well, there you go. Now, you know what you can combine with your Stonehenge visit. So, without waiting anymore start planning your trip.