Top 10 Things To Do In Chennai

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities in India that offer various attractions for people who want to plan their trips. However, those who visit the city first time should know the things to do from different sources. This will help ensure a memorable trip to cherish the moments forever. On the other hand, tourists should select the best hotels in Chennai while planning a tour to the city. Most hotels offer outstanding amenities for guests to plan a vacation in a comfortable environment.

Things to do in Chennai

  1. Spending time at beaches

Chennai is famous for Marina, Elliot’s, and Kovalam beaches allowing visitors to spend time at beaches in the evening.  On the other hand, Marina and Elliot’s beaches become crowded during the weekend. Anyone who wants to perform outdoor activities can visit Kovalam beach which is 35 km away from the city. It is a perfect place for hanging out with groups, friends, and families in a peaceful environment. The beach allows tourists to carry out surfing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, etc.  Not only that, but visitors can also see the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening when they stay near the beach. Kovalam beach is also famous for its seafood items and tourists can enjoy them. Marina beach is suitable for kite flying, horse riding, and beach volleyball activities.

  1. Visiting temples to get blessings of gods

Chennai has various temples that are well known for their unique architectural styles. Some of thefamous temples in Chennai include Marundeeswarar temple, Parthasarathy temple, Kapeleeshwar temple, Nanganallur Anjaneya temple, VadapalaniMurugan temple,Ashtalakshmi temple, etc. They are suitable for seeking the blessings of gods to lead a successful life. Furthermore, tourists can know about the details of temples from temple authorities before making a trip. The temples host festivals every year that invite several devotees from various parts of India.

  1. Making a trip to famous churches

Chennai is also famous for various churches and tourists can visit them while planning a trip to the city. Some of them include Santhome Church, Velankanni Church, Mary’s Church, Luz Church, St Thomas Mount Church, etc. All these churches are built with different styles and tourists can understand them in detail.

  1. Exploring wildlife at Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai is an ideal place for wildlife lovers because it let them see various animals with ease. It is a perfect weekend getaway for those who want to spend time with their families and others.Tourists should know the timing before visiting the zoo to avoid disappointment. They can choose a safari to watch the activities of different animals.

  1. Spending a day at theme parks

Theme parks in Chennai offer various fun and adventurous activities for kids and others to enjoy holidays with them. Some of them include Queensland, Adventure Zone, VGP Snow Kingdom, Kishkinta, Monkey Monk, etc. Apart from this, they offer restaurant services for tourists who want to order a variety of foods. They provide several options for visitors when they want to enjoy the activities. At the same time, visitors should check the ticket prices online before planning a trip to theme parks.

  1. Visiting museums

Chennai is home to various museums and tourists can visit them to know more things in detail. Some of them include the Regional Railway Museum, Government Museum, Fort Museum, Click Art Museum, etc. The Regional Railway Museum showcases the heritage and evolution of Indian Railways. Not only that, it has live models of electric trains and mountain engines that help gather more information easily. Besides this, the museum offers a toy train for enjoying a ride with children and others. The Fort Museum has several collections of articles used by the East India Company at different stages. Similarly, Birla Planetarium in Chennai is a perfect place for astronomy lovers who want to know more about planets.

  1. Taking a break from the busy lifestyle at eco-parks

Tourists who want to take a break from the busy lifestyle can visit eco-parks in Chennai to refresh their mental conditions. The Guindy National Park, Semmozhi Park, Tholkappia Park, and Theosophical society are some places where tourists can spend their time in the evening with others. They are suitable for walking, running, and jogging activities to maintain health in good condition. Moreover, these parks provide playing facilities for kids to perform various activities in a calm environment. However, they are open for limited hours on a day and people should know them before visiting.

  1. Visiting the memorials and monuments

Chennai has several memorials and monuments that most tourists are not aware of them properly. Some of them include ValluvarKottam, Anna Memorial, Rajaji Memorial, Gandhi Memorial, Victory War Memorial, and Madras War Cemetery are some things tourists shouldn’t miss while visiting the city.

  1. Spending time in games & entertainment centres

Tourists who want to refresh their minds in Chennai can visit games & entertainment centres. They are ideal for adults and children to witness more pleasure. Some of the even offer virtual reality technologies for visitors to play games with more excitement. On the other hand, it is wise to gather the details of games & entertainment centresbefore visiting.

  1. Discovering the taste of traditional and modern cuisines

Chennai offers several restaurants for visitors, and they can taste traditional foods as well as modern foods. Food lovers who want to enjoy dishes with excellent taste can visit them on a trip.

Where to stay in Chennai?

Those who want to plan their vacation or other trips to Chennai should select the right type of accommodation. The top hotels in Chennai offer various types of services for customers when they want to enjoy their trips with loved ones. On the other hand, tourists should check the details online that helps make the right decision. Most hotels provide huge discounts for customers to book them at unbelievable prices. Customers should read reviews of hotels online before making a trip to the city.