Tips to maintain personal hygiene while boarding a flight

Personal hygiene is something that should never be taken granted for. It is mandatory and you should never neglect it at any cost. Especially today, when the Coronavirus cases are rising, you cannot take the risk of ignoring your health safety. So, if you are travelling to different places with your gloves and masks on, I appreciate your effort and contribution towards keeping yourself safe. But is that all? Well, if you are wondering, no, it isn’t. There are many other things that you need to follow as well to keep yourself safe and sound throughout the journey. Especially, if you are taking a flight, you need to make preparations to keep yourself and your family safe during the entire flight tenure.  

Although airport authorities take all the important measures to keep you safe, there are still chances that germs might persist in places even after thorough cleaning. So, self precaution is the best thing you can do. In case you are thinking, we have some tips that you can follow before, while and after travel, to keep yourself protected. So once you are done with your flight ticket, adhere to these tips and you will keep yourself guarded against the debilitating virus throughout.

Tips to maintain personal safety and hygiene before flight journey

As soon as you move out of your house, you are exposed to germs and pollution. So, in order to combat that, there are certain tips that you can follow to ensure more hygiene and safety. 

Boost your immune system 

To overcome any disease, having a strong immunity is essential. If you have strong immunity, you can fight the disease like a pro and come back stronger in a few days. While food gives enough nutrients to boost the immune system, additionally also consume sufficient Vitamin D and Vitamin C tablets and meet the deficiency in your body. Have it regularly under doctor’s prescription and you will be able to fight the disease easily. 

Get infection shot

Another thing that you can do is get an infection shot. Yes, you heard me right. Before travelling on the plane, get an infection shot and you will stay safe throughout the journey. 

Stay at a safe distance from other passengers at the airport

Wearing gloves, masks and carrying sanitizers is not enough. You should keep a safe distance from the co-passengers as well. While standing in queue for the security check-up or ticket verification, maintain a one-hand distance and you will be good to go. 

Tips to maintain safety and personal hygiene during the flight journey

Once you are done with the airport formalities and have boarded the flight, follow these steps to ensure more safety and hygiene.

  1. Whenever you touch a seat, washbasin or anything in the flight, sanitize your hands immediately after that to kill the germs if any.
  2. Do not open your mask even for once till the end of the flight journey. 
  3. As much as possible, avoid touching areas like elevators and door handles which are commonly touched by the passengers. If you accidentally touch it, you know what to do. Sanitize your hands. 
  4. In case you are thirsty, only opt for mineral water to be sure that it does not carry germs. 
  5. Carry snacks from home and avoid buying them from the flying attendant. 
  6. While using the public toilet, be extra cautious and wash your hands thoroughly with soap or liquid hand wash and apply sanitizer once you reach back to your seat. 

Tips to maintain safety and personal hygiene after reaching the location

Now that you have finally reached your destination, there are a few more things that you need to do before checking into the hotel. So, to stay safe till you reach the hotel, follow the tips below.

Do not touch common areas with bare hand

If you feel the need to touch the elevator rails for support, wear your gloves. Also, avoid touching the luggage and counters with bare hands. Touch it only after you have worn your gloves and dispose of it once you reach the hotel.

Go for online payments 

This point goes both for flight booking and accommodation booking. Avoid offline payment where there is a chance of exchanging germs through cash and receipts. Online payment is not only quick but is also safe as it is a contactless way of making a booking. 

Take a hot water bath after reaching the hotel

Hot water is a proven way to kill germs. So, after a hectic trip, head straight to your hotel room and detoxify yourself after taking a hot water bath. But before you do not, tell the hotel staff to sanitize the room before you enter.

So, these are the ways you can keep yourself safe and hygienic throughout your trip and even after. Follow these steps and we are sure you will combat the disease in the best possible manner.