Things to Do in Maine: Ultimate Maine Bucket List

What better way to enjoy a weekend than checking out what Maine has to offer? The state is full of beautiful scenery, historical sites and plenty of activities for all ages. Maine is often praised for its natural beauty but we think the picturesque scenery would be even more impressive if you can hear the waves crashing against the shore, walk through the forest and hike up mountains. Here are some of our favorite places and Things to do in Maine to visit during your next trip to Maine.

Sip beer in Portland:

Maine is one of the Napa Valley of beer and has a variety of breweries. This is the best place to start during your weekend trip to Portland. With over 100 breweries in the state, there are plenty of options for beer drinking. The Old Port area offers several local beers as well as shops for souvenirs and food.

Go lighthouse hopping:

Maine has over 100 lighthouses and most of those are accessible to the public. Although you can’t go inside most of them, the view from just outside the lighthouse is a sight to see. These structures are historical monuments that can date back to the 19th century. The best way to check out as many lighthouses as possible is taking a lighthouse cruise.

Eat lobster rolls:

Maine’s reputation for having excellent seafood is well deserved. Lobster is available in abundance at some of their restaurants and shops. Their most popular delicacy is the lobster roll. Don’t miss out on a chance to experience the best seafood in the country.

Visit “Down East”:

Down East Maine is an area at the very northernmost part of Maine. This peninsula has a short coastline, which makes it an excellent place for hiking. This area is known for its rocky seacoast and picturesque lighthouses.

Check out Portland Head Light:

Portland Head Light is a stone structure built in 1791. The structure has a red and white band and when seen at night, it can be mistaken for the lighthouse on Nantucket Island. The lighthouse is located on Portland’s famous Eastern Promenade and is open to the public.

Sit on a whale watch tour:

Year round, you can see whales in the beautiful waters of Maine. It’s best to go with a local tour so you can learn more about the wildlife that inhabits their shores.

Go sea kayaking:

There are tons of recreational areas in Maine to go kayak sea touring. You can go kayaking along the coast and enjoy the beautiful scenery or you can take part in a multi-day expedition.

Take a carriage ride:

You can also enjoy a leisurely ride by taking part in one of Maine’s oldest traditions–carriage tours. Some tours are horse-drawn and others are pulled by dogs. Either way, you’ll get to see some of the most scenic sights and learn about the history behind each location.


There are so many different activities in Maine that one weekend are not enough to do them all. What’s more, most of these activities cost nothing to do and you can see them all in a single day. If you’re planning a trip to Maine, make sure to stop by these places and experience the beauty of the north for yourself.