The foldable sailboat of the future: Reverso

The sailboat of the future is available today, namely Reverso.The world’s first foldable sailboat, Reverso folds up to just one square meter and is ready to use in just 180 seconds. Able to fit in nearly any space, this small sailboat is sure to revolutionize modern sailing. 

The end result of a shared dream to design the most compact and lightweight performance yacht in the world, Reverso’s unique design is inspired by racing. Measuring 3.40 meters in length, the construction encompasses a planing infusion chined hull, a full carbon mast and a black membrane sail – all of which can be fully disassembled. Lightweight, this small sailboat can comfortably carry up to two adults, or one adult and two children and reach a top speed of over 16 knots. “Reverso is a drifter that revolutionized the practice of sailing,” says the inventor and creator of Reverso, Antoine Simon.

 “Ultra-dismountable, this foldable sailboat is so small it fits in the boot of a car. A sailing instructor and aircraft pilot, Simon sought to bring more freedom in sailing by creating the first dismountable sailboat the industry had ever seen. Built upon his expertise in sailing and aviation and paired with his keen observation skills, Simon surrounded himself with a team of talented experts to bring the Reverso concept to life. Situated at the cutting edge of quality and design, the team behind Reverso is passionate about sailing and sustainability. 

Reverso was designed in the Occitanie region of France and is partly manufactured in Brittany, paying close attention to the smallest detail. Fully handmade, each Reverso is pre-tested in house by the team with passion and care. “Longevity is built into the conception and design of the boat, making it sustainable,” says Simon. “It was important to us to design a sailboat that would remain in pristine condition from sustainable, recyclable materials, like wood and organic resin.” Coming from the aviation industry, where technology and innovation is at the forefront of all design, Simon chose to leave the industry behind to make his own dream a reality. “I really wanted to create a beautiful sailboat but wanted to make sure it would be sustainable.”

Built from high-tech materials and composites that are used for offshore racing, extreme sports and aeronautics, Reverso’s design is built to last. As Reverso can also be completely dismantled, it can also easily be repaired, either by the owner or a shipyard and kept sheltered from the elements, prolonging the lifespan even further. In fact, Reverso’s longevity has been tested and certified by experts at ICNN of La Rochelle. 

Awarded the prestigious boat of the year award in the USA, Reverso seeks to transform the practice of sailing. Easy enough for a child to learn how to navigate with an experienced adult, most maneuvers are easy and trajectories stable, leaving the sailor a hundred percent  in control everytime. The smallest, easiest and most fun small sailboat for sale today, why not see how Reverso can enhance your sailing experience today?