Some of the Best Hotels & Resorts Where You Can Stay in Sri Lanka:


One of the most amazing things that you will know about the magical Sri Lanka is that it is one of the most uncrowded and affordable places, and it has also been predicted that there will be more travellers to this island in the future. Sri Lanka is only one such place which offers people a plethora of chances for discovery with its shining pristine blue water, magnificent beaches, other number of UNESCO world heritage sites, a group of elephants, exotic and spicy food, tea plantations, and so on. Besides all of that, Sri Lanka is also home to many world-class hotels and resorts. In the near future, there will be world-class hotels that you will see in Sri Lanka.

Best Hotels-

There are many Best Hotels in Anuradhapura that you can visit in Sri Lanka. One of the best-built and all-purpose wellness resorts that you can ever visit in Sri Lanka is the Uga Ulagalla. The people in Sri Lanka realise that sustainable wellness will start bringing oneself into balance with nature, and we should allow ourselves to get nurtured by others as well as ourselves. Uga Ulagalla offers meaningful, efficacious, and without ploy wellness, which is pure and simple, and can help you unwind. It also consists of a 48-acre tea plantation, the former ones with a clean forest, and at present it works as a restorative destination spa, which is secluded blissfully and is fully accessible.


There are a total of 18 rooms which are built with natural ventilation and there are also air conditioners. Guests can freely roam in the tropical jungle and also in the fertile rice paddy where they can practise yoga or do meditation along the Hulu River. Next to a perfect golden crescent, lies the Amanwella hotel, which is situated around 37 acres of coconut trees. The resort amanwella got its name from the words aman, which means peace, and wella, which means beach. The rooms in this resort have been specifically designed by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The rooms have ample light and they are open on both sides towards the pools that are private. It has a large terrace that overlooks the Indian Ocean.

Listed among the top ten

Here you can do trekking, see the tea plantations, visit the temples, and capture some of Sri Lanka’s most authentic and exotic places. The world’s most exclusive hotel brands, Aman, manages the Amanwella. One of the most astonishingly beautiful beaches or beach retreats is Amanwella, which is among the top 10. At this resort, you can enjoy all the complimentary VIP amenities when you make the booking through Virtuoso, like upgrading the room, daily breakfast, early check-in or late check-out, and a complimentary lunch for two.

Amangalla Resort-

You will find the same in Amangalla. It occupies a 17th century Dutch colonial building along with the walls of Galle’s historic fort. Some of the best things that you will know about the amangalla are that it has original teak floors that are polished. It also has antique furniture and 19th century artefacts that date back some time. Amangalla has antique furnishings and decorations, 28 rooms, and suites with king-size beds, free-standing baths, and a living area, as well as a writing desk and dining table. Amangalla is also managed by Aman.