Some Common Trekking Mistakes to Avoid at Chadar

Chadar Trek is no doubt one of the dream trek for every trekker in the world. However most of them endup with bad experience due to some lack of preparation. Here’s we have told the common mistakes you should avoid while trekking at Chadar.

Lack of physical fitness –

This is a high altitude trekking experience, Hence, you need to be vigilant about your physical stamina, endurance, and strength. If you are prone either to heart diseases or diabetes or high blood pressure, it is advisable to stay away from this trekking adventure.

Poor Packing –

A tour in the direction of Himalayas requires proper packing execution. This is because whatever you pack within your rucksack is undoubtedly going to put on some additional weight once you start ascending the hills. It is wise to consult an experienced trekker to help you out with your packing. If you want to try it alone, prepare a checklist first, and then pack only those items which are very essential for your Frozen River Trek.

Dehydration –

We have come across people who prefer to avoid drinking water in colder conditions. This is wrong, and if you are amongst them, you need to immediately stop it. Make sure that you always carry your water with you and drink as much as it is possible for you. This will ensure that you remain hydrated while you enjoy your trekking experience. Even if you are up for Ladakh Tours only, you must keep this things in mind.

Get your outfit right –

Dressing up for a trekking expedition is equally essential as it is for you to dress up for your party. Frilly or flowy clothes will only make your navigation a tedious one. It is good to pack your bags with warm woolen clothes or something of polyester. These are both compatible with the weather conditions there and assure you a comfortable trekking experience.

What all things do you need to carry on your Frozen River Trek?

Here’s a list of some essential things to pick for your Frozen River Trek –

Trekking boots

Fleece jackets

Insulation gloves

Lip Balm


Personal medication

Emergency first aid kits

Toilet paper

Hand sanitizer

Emergency food items (protein bars, energy bars)


Rainproof jackets

Water purification pills

Do’s and Don’ts of Frozen River Trek

Do’s –

  • Inform your family member about your holidaying schedule. This will be useful for you if you land in any emergency conditions while trekking to Chadar.
  • The temperature might likely plunge surprisingly. Therefore, you should carry some warm clothes.
  • At some points on your trailing route, you might face some scarcity of both food and water. It is, therefore, essential for you to have resources for them.

Don’ts –

  • Avoid littering here and there.
  • Avoid using soaps and shampoos while you are taking a bath under a waterfall.
  • Pay close attention to the rules and regulations provided by your trekking guide.