How To Explore Abu Dhabi With The Dhow Cruise

Once you go to Abu Dhabi, or just as you start planning for the trip from your location, you surely would come across these words, the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise. Well, this is a big popular tour in Abu Dhabi. That’s why it’s spoken of so much everywhere. People who did it already would always suggest to Abu Dhabi tour planners not to miss this. And if you are planning a visit to the Emirates, you must keep this particular tour in your list of to dos.

What is the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise all about?

The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise is named so after the boat on which the cruise is done. The old vintage styled wooden boat is called dhow in Arab. This boat is used to explore the creeks of the Arabian Sea. There are two to three tiers on the boat. Generally the famous show cruise dinner is organized at the ground floor. Seating arrangements for the guests is made on the first floor under the shade, and also on the open roof of the cruise boat. Therefore guests may plan and sit on either the open roof top, or under the shade as per the weather, season and preference.

The motto of the cruise is to take the tourists on a tour of the creeks where they may sail in the peaceful waters, and watch the skyline of the city. The skyline of Abu Dhabi is one of the best sights to be enjoyed. And this can only be done when you are at a distance from the city. When you are away from the city, and watching the city from the creeks, while sailing at a steady comfortable pace, then you know exactly what Abu Dhabi looks like from the distance. Tourists must watch this sight, take photographs, and keep this in their memory book.

Who must take the cruise?

If you love to explore your tourist spot from a different angle, if you don’t mind a lazy off for a couple of hours or so on a cruise while you watch the scenery, and if you are a foodie ready to taste the local flavors of Asian-Arabian cuisine, then this tour is for you.

The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise gives you the experience of all of the above in a very nice and relaxed way. You may choose your seat and sit relaxed, and start watching the city line and the skyline, as the boat sails through in a slow pace initially, and then catches a mid-pace. The wind blowing over the wooden boat can be caught on the body and face if you wish so. For this you may hop on to the roof of the boat and take a stroll or sit somewhere.

The food is served in a scrumptious buffet. The buffet consists of the best Asian and Arabian delicacies, and is aimed at giving the tourists the best local cuisine experience with the best gourmet taste and flavours. There are no restrictions on how many times you may go and have food and snacks. The supplies are ample and unrestricted, and therefore tourists can enjoy a great time on board while having great quality food and beverages.

Drinks and snacks are served on to the table. Therefore if you want to sit comfortable at your table only, you may get your drinks there only. This makes it even more comfortable and enjoyable for those who would like to move less and sit at one place for more time.

How to book the dhow cruise?

You can book the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise directly online. For this you need not go through any middleman or media. Web booking makes it extremely easy to fix the tour beforehand and pay for it safely directly to the operator. Therefore you can plan and fix things beforehand and get mentally relaxed to prepare for the excitement on Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise.


The dhow cruise is one of the best experiences one must try to gather and enjoy while touring Arab. This gives you the true taste of Arabian life, food, culture, and the city skyline with great visuals. The city lights diffusing on to the horizon looks mesmerizing from the boat which is a great sight not to be missed.