Four Benefits Of Living In Berkeley, CA

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The city of Berkeley is smaller in comparison to other cities in the state yet packs a big punch in terms of livability. If you decide to live here, you won’t regret it. This town has much to offer for individuals of all ages. Here are some reasons why you should consider it!

The Weather

As compared to other regions across the country, Berkeley weather has much to be desired.  When thinking about the climate here, the word pleasant comes to mind. In the winter, the temperature rarely ever falls below 40 degrees. If you want inches of deep snow, this isn’t the place for you.

In contrast, the summers are hovering around the 70-degree mark. This climate is a dream for anyone who despises extreme temperatures. This part of California is welcomed with tons of sunshine, as you’ll enjoy sunny days more than 250 days a year. Who wouldn’t be in a good mood living here? The Berkeley weather is impressive.

Top Of The Line Schools

If you’re serious about your education, look no further. The town of Berkeley is known for individuals who take their studies seriously. Many adults carry degrees past an associate’s level. The University Of California is known as one of the most recognized colleges in the United States.

Even better, the scenery around campus is breathtaking. Before college, many young children will attend school in the Berkeley Unified School District, home of many A-rated schools.

Upbeat And Positive Culture

Many college students are roaming around the city. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be bored living here. With plenty of parks to visit, museums to explore and delicious food at restaurants to try, there’s always something to try for a good time.

Don’t worry if you indulge a little too much at dinner. With a good percentage of people commuting via bicycle, you’ll have much opportunity to get active. The Berkeley weather makes it the perfect place to be outdoors exploring what this unique town has to offer.

Your Voice is Heard

The town of Berkeley is full of diverse individuals who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. Protesting is not only standard here, but it is also welcomed.

The area is strong support of an LGBTQ community, which makes it more welcoming for everyone. Many college students love the idea of knowing they can voice their opinions without judgment.

Overall, Berkeley can be a welcoming community for anyone looking to make a move in the Bay area. The city has much to offer, and its future is bright.