Are you thinking about Canada Immigration from India in next few months?

Well, you have to do some key preparations for the same to make your journey and mission of immigration to Canada successful. You not only need to choose the right pathway and follow the process, but also prepare yourself for landing in Canada and primary things to do thereafter. In view of the Covid-19 global pandemic, a few extra checks have also become the part of the process for Canada immigration. In this post, we will discuss about all the key preparations for moving to Canada.

Choose the right immigration pathway and prepare for the same 

Selecting the right immigration program is the fundamental step to plan your move. Federal Express Entry System is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada on Permanent Resident (PR) visa. Key selection factors of the EE system are, age, education, language proficiency, work experience, etc.

The IRCC hold the periodic express entry round and invite the top ranking candidates (who have high CRS Score) to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR)

Now, under the current circumstances, Covid-19 pandemic relative rules and regulation have also become the crucial. For instance, before moving to Canada, you must check the status of approved Canadian vaccines. With effect from 7 September, Canada is accepting the all fully vaccinated travellers and they get some exemptions as well. Although, direct flights from India to Canada are not active until 21 September, however, you can still move to Canada through an indirect route, arranging the Covid test in the third country. Find out the key requirements, if you are planning for Canada Immigration from India.

How to know whether I am fully vaccinated traveller, as per IRCC?

To qualify for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption, you must: 

  • be eligible to enter Canada on the specific date you enter
  • have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19
  • have received the full series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine or a combination of accepted vaccines
  • have received your last dose at least 14 days prior to the day you enter Canada
  • Example: if your last dose was anytime on Thursday July 1st, then Friday July 16th would be the first day that you meet the 14 day condition
  • upload your proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN app
  • meet all other entry requirements (for example, pre-entry test)

Which are the accepted COVID-19 vaccines in Canada?

Find below the list of accepted Covid-19 vaccines in Canada:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty, tozinameran, BNT162b2) 
  • Moderna (mRNA-1273)
  • AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD (ChAdOx1-S, Vaxzevria, AZD1222) 
  • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (Ad26.COV2.S)

What are the documents requirement upon landing in Canada?

If you are a new permanent resident (PR) of Canada, you should acquire the following essential documents, soon after you arrive:

  • Permanent resident card
  • Social insurance Number (SIN)
  • Health Card

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