Amazing facts about ayahuasca

There are so many wondrous things in the world and ayahuasca is surely one of them. Also known by names like banisteriopsis caapi, yage, iowaska, this is a plant which is native in the Amazon forests. A healing drink can be prepared by boiling the psychotria viridis leaves and the banisteriopsis caapi stalks. This brew is consumed in a special ceremony conducted by a shaman or a curandero who is a spiritual healer. The tribes use this healing tea to invoke spirits, connect with the inner self and cleanse the soul.  The knowledge of ayahuasca has also gained medical importance as it has been known to heal many physical and mental ailments.

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You can visit our site to know more about the ayahuasca retreats. The choice of an ayahuasca retreat also depends upon the location which you are visiting, the number of participants in your group and the testimonials offered by the people. Before participating in the ayahuasca treatment, one needs to be fully aware of the restrictions and norms to be followed during the course. The usage of tobacco or alchohol, red meat, spicy food and physical contact should be strictly refrained from before, during and after the ayahuasca treatment. The experience with ayahuasca is different for individuals. But the puking, nausea and hallucinations are more or less common.  Many people have reported drifting to another world within their subconsciousness and coming back to the reality, much stronger, having killed their demons. The provides a lot of useful information about the liana. So, you can be rest assured that you are getting the right information about this healing plant. It can be beneficial but one needs to research thoroughly about it.

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This healing drink has made its name in the mainstream culture, although it originated among the indigineous tribes of the Amazon. Many people are excited and eager to take part in the age- old and  renowned ayahuasca ceremonies .But prior to that, you need to know about the effects and your own problems very thoroughly. The people who have heart problems should not undergo this treatment. The choice of an appropriate retreat and a compassionate and ethical shaman is also a must. So, make your choice carefully before going to the retreat for your ayahuasca treatment. The testimonials will help you to make the correct choice and benefit you in the long run.