A Few Reasons for Visiting Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s cultural centre. It was also originally Thailand’s capital, as evidenced by the numerous temples and ruins spread across the city. A trip to Thailand would not be complete without a stop in this historic city.

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The rivalry between Chiang Mai and Bangkok is strong. Each city has something unique to offer visitors, but how can they decide which will be the best Thailand city? The following are a few reasons in favour of Chaing Mai.

1. Weather

Because it is located in the northern region with a higher altitude, you will find Chiang a much more pleasant city in comparison to any other city in this country.

2. Awesome coffee culture

Those who are self-proclaimed coffee lovers will simply love Chiang Maias brews here are much better than any other place in the country.

3. Incredible day trips

This jungle terrain can have enough day trips for all types of travellers to go around.

4. Spas

Chiang Mai can be the cheapest place to get a Thai massage,which is a must when you are in Thailand.

5. Temples

This city is equipped with more than 300 temples, and out of those 30 are located only in Old City.

6. Delicious foods of northern Thai

The spicy curries that you have grown to love in Southern part of Thailand are nothing like the curries you will find in Northern Thailand.

7. Vegan food

There can be so many delicious food venues that will be completely animal-free and also quite affordable.

8. Easy navigation

Taxis, songthaews, and tuk-tuks are available to transport you to nearby sites, airports, venues, and the bus station.

9. Affordable cost

Chiang Mai will be the most budget-friendly city in the entire of Thailand

10. Walkable city

Chiang Mai, has a population of below one million people, making it a laid-back city with no chaos that is seen in Bangkok traffic.

11. Cultural and historical treasures

Bangkok has many worthy interesting points however, it is in Chiang Mai,where you will find culturally rich Thailand.

12. Safe and friendly

Chiang Mai is really exceptionally foreigner-friendly place and generally much safer for any female solo travellers.

13. Ideal for a weekend trip

There are several places in Chiang Mai that can be covered within a weekend trip.

14. The wildlife

In Bangkok, tourists will have a hard time finding much wildlife. Chiang Mai, is home to a diverse range of animal species in its centre and surrounds.

Bangkok is known for its high-end shopping, sophisticated restaurants, and sky bars. Chiang Mai is more down-to-earth. From small cafes to plenty of second-hand shops, the area has a hipster, laid-back attitude. It’s simple to unwind here.