9 Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy With your Dog

Getting outdoors with your dog doesn’t need to be seen as a chore. In fact, when finding the right outdoor activity, one that is not only suitable for your dog to join but to actually get involved with, exercise, fun, and time spent outdoors all come together as one. This is why we’re sharing nine of the best outdoor activities that are perfect for both you and your dog.


Getting your dog used to different environments, as well as giving them the freedom to roam and explore, is an important part of their upbringing, helping them to become more adaptable and fulfilled. Camping is an ideal way to accomplish this and you might just find your four-legged friend encouraging you to explore new landscapes.


Combining your own exercise with your dog’s need to expend energy works exceptionally well, especially with jogging. Keeping pace with each other and running across suitable terrain, you will find yourself and your dog both getting into better shape.


Being comfortably seated on a large paddleboard as you explore seafronts and lakes can be remarkably exciting for dogs, as well as a great way to get them on the water and used to new experiences. Some dogs will find paddleboarding relaxing, while others will see it as an opportunity to go for an impromptu swim!

Wild Swimming

While not every dog will enjoy paddling, on a hot day few can resist. Taking your pet to quiet and stunning bodies of water, those in which you can both swim and cool off is a wonderful way to spend a day during the height of summer.


Taking your dog out into the countryside might also be a prime opportunity to get closer to nature and begin harvesting ingredients for your kitchen too! Foraging has become particularly popular over the last decade and it has a number of benefits. Having a dog with you on your foray can also help to uncover certain plants and fungi too!


Depending on the agility and stamina of your dog, biking can be a superb way of ensuring they are well-exercised. It is important to remember that you are managing not only your own speed and balance but your dogs too. And, on a hot day, ensure your pet remains hydrated.


There is, believe it or not, a dedicated community of dog surfing enthusiasts. A number of excitable dogs seem to take particularly well to the thrills of surfing and even enjoy getting wet too. So, if surfing is your thing, offer your dog a chance to join you.


A popular activity for explorers and puzzle-solvers alike, geocaching encourages individuals to explore their local environment in a new way. Since it is an activity that occurs at a gentle pace, it can complement your dog’s pace perfectly.


Promising your dog is equipped with their own life jacket, there’s no reason why they cannot join you on a sailing adventure. Many dogs quickly find comfort out in the open seas, revelling in the sun and the rocking waves. It can also be a great way to take them to hidden shores and beaches for a day of running across the sands.