3 Best Places to Take Your Annual Christmas Card Photo While in Mexico


Mexico is the land of amazing food and even enriching culture and traditions. With so many amazing traditions celebrated in the country, it isn’t surprising that Christmas is a big deal there too. However, if you are considering switching up your annual Christmas card photo, there are some amazing spots around the country you can check out to feel the festive vibe.

This article will explore the top places to spruce up your customized Christmas cards with photo while you are in Mexico.

  1. Cancun

If you are in Mexico and want to take your annual Christmas card photo with a backdrop of the Cancun cenotes and Mayan ruins, Cancun is your to-go spot. It is a little busier during the Christmas month since people flock in from across the world to spend their year-end holidays there. So, you will need to make early bookings to secure your holiday. Also, the average temperature during December is around 21-29 degrees Celsius. So, you can pack some stunning tropical and summer clothes for your Christmas card photo-op.

  1. Mexico City

For travellers who don’t want the summer and tropical climate but instead want to enjoy Christmas in a colder temperature, Mexico City is the way to go. The city is filled with a barrage of old-school architecture, museums, and heritage spots that make for a great backdrop for your annual Christmas card. However, you might expect rain during that period too, which means that you’d have to plan your photo-shoots accordingly.

  1. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is another stunning spot in Mexico that makes for a great vacation spot and an amazing backdrop for all your annual Christmas card photos. The best thing about planning your trip to Cabo San Lucas is the stunning weather. It rains for the majority of the year but the good news is that December or Christmas month has clear, sunny blue skies. So, with a refreshing vacation, you can also sort out your unique holiday photo cards without any hassle.

These are some of the top spots in Mexico that make for amazing places you can take your annual Christmas card photos with some unique backgrounds while spending an amazing time with your family.