Your Exploration of Rome

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Rome is one of those complete destinations that conquer the traveller’s heart right away. After all, there is nothing quite like walking through supercharged cobbled streets and bumping into beautiful squares, museums and monuments that are true historical heritage sites. Not to mention parks full of green, elaterids and cafes that serve delicious ice cream, true cappuccino,and restaurants with menus full of pasta and wine options. Yes, Rome is pure delight. For the Tours of Rome this is the best deal.

  1. The Coliseum

First on the list is the AmphitheatreFlavour or Coliseum, as it is popularly known. And no first trip to Rome is complete without a visit to this symbol of the Roman empire, which began to be built in 72 AD to host gladiatorial combat and animal battles; performances that used to be watched by an avid audience of up to 73,000 people.

To avoid the huge queues that form at the door of the attraction, practically all year round, you should buy your ticket in advance. The day tour is very cool, on its own or guided, but the night tour (guided only) exceeded all my expectations. That’s because walking through the underground and the arena of an empty and quiet Coliseum was amazing and will never be forgotten.

  1. The Roman Forum

The € 12 ticket to the Coliseum also entitles you to visit the Roman Forum: the centre of civic and economic life in republican Rome. Where political speeches and elections were held are the Via Sacra , the main street and stage for religious festivals and celebrations of the victories of the Roman generals, as well as what remains of the temples of Vestal, Saturn, Antonin and Faustian and the Arch of Septimius. 

  1. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous sights of the capital of Italy and is therefore always full of visitors. In addition to going around seeing the masterpiece that was once a movie scene, many people follow the tradition of tossing a coin in the water. Legend has it that the act guarantees the visitor the return to the city.

  1. St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica

In Rome, more precisely in the northern part of the city, is the smallest independent state in the world and also the seat of the Catholic Church / residence of the Pope, the Vatican. And two almost obligatory stops there are St. Peter’s Square and the sumptuous basilica, founded in 324, whose Michelangelo dome offers the visitor one of the most beautiful views of Rome.

When you visit this largest Catholic temple in the world be sure to admire Michelangelo’s Pieta, the details of the dome decoration and the canopy above the tomb of St. Peter. Remembering that the tombs below the altar are also open for visitation, just down the stairs! Important note: Be very careful with clothing as it is not allowed to enter the religious temple wearing above the knee skirts, shorts, sleeveless blouses and necklines.

  1. The Vatican Museums

Another gem kept in this smallest independent state in the world is the Vatican Museums, one of the most important in the world for housing works by artists such as Rafael, Leonardo, Giotto and Caravaggio. It is there, for example, that the visitor finds the famous Sistine Chapel, whose Michelangelo paintings on the ceiling depict the scenes of Genesis. Unmissable.



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