Victoria Falls – A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Victoria Falls is one of the most memorable places in Africa because of the magnificent falls. The place is known for its breath-taking sights and the vast range of activities available nearby. Victoria Falls is the ideal location for a honeymoon, regardless of whether you’re an adventurous couple looking for some fun and excitement before a cosy night or whether you prefer more relaxing activities with cuddles and candlelight dinners. 

Victoria Falls is one of the 7 wonders of the world, located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also one of the romantic travel destinations that attracts a lot of honeymooners every year. It is also perfectly suitable for people of all age groups. 

Victoria Falls is a place for families, kids, and newlywed couples. With luxury chalets and huts, it is a comfortable and romantic stay for honeymoon couples. The natural beauty and Zambezi River are enough to catch anyone’s attention. Any type of couple will enjoy their stay in Victoria Falls irrespective of their choices and preferences. 

Reasons to Travel to Victoria Falls for Honeymoon

Explore Natural Beauty

  • Victoria Falls is known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “The Smoke that Thunders.” Tourists watch rainbows in vibrant locations during the fall. 
  • Couples who love full moonlight can visit the waterfall in the evening to experience the moonbows.
  • The falls can be explored independently with the help of well-marked pathways and signs, or couples can sign up for a guided tour to learn more about the region’s fascinating past and distinctive ecosystems. 
  • The Big Tree, a huge baobab that is hundreds of years old, Livingstone’s Statue, the Devil’s Cataract, and a trek through lush rainforest to the precarious Danger Point are some of the main attractions that will keep couples engaged all day. 

Adventurous Activities 

Highlights for couples include –

  • Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls.
  • Tandem bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge into the Batoka Gorge.
  • Ziplining through the trees.
  • White-water rafting adventure down the Zambezi.
  • Taking it easy on a canoe safari to see animals drinking in the splash and more than 400 species of birds.
  • Enjoying boozy drinks on seaside decks and grasping the beautiful scenery.


  • Victoria Falls’ location within the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park contributes to its attractions. This means that you can engage in a wildlife safari by game drive or boat, where you can see giraffes, buffalo, black antelope, elephants, etc. 
  • You can stroll through the rainforest that covers the foot of the Falls in the Batoka Gorge. 
  • A night time cruise along the Zambezi River holding your spouse’s hand with a wine glass in another hand is a perfect way to cap off each day of your luxurious honeymoon in Zambia.

The busiest time to visit Victoria Falls is in June, while the rainy month of November provides a more serene atmosphere. Needless to say, couples will also enjoy delicious and local food on both the Zambia or Zimbabwe sides of the falls. Wherever you choose to stay, you will always find a luxury stay close within the natural paradise of this world wonder. Choose Victoria Falls as your honeymoon destination or consider it as your anniversary destination.