Things to Know Before You Plan a Trip To Guatemala

Are you a die-hard mountain lover? Are you planning on going on a vacation soon? Well, what about visiting Guatemala? The landscape there is nothing magical! Everything is so serene and peaceful that you will fall in love with the place the moment you step in. About 40% of the population is Maya there, very cordial and kind-hearted. They love it when they come to see their place. It is undoubtedly one of the most favoured places in Central America.

Why should you plan a trip to Guatemala?

Many people think it is a diverse city to visit in Central America. It is filled with active volcanoes that can go up at any point. Then come at the coastal towns and the gorgeous beaches for sightseeing. The moment you land in Guatemala, you won’t feel bored. Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is one of the most sought places there. The lake is so blissful, and you will find a lot of visitors there. The local culture will bring you in touch with their history and zest for life. From the colourful clothing to the Mayan culture, everything is a treat to the eyes.

Best ways to move around in Guatemala

Getting about in Guatemala is so cheap and straightforward. Some buses and shuttles will take you to different places.

  1. Shuttle Buses

Travellers prefer taking the shuttle buses. These are minibuses but more expensive than chicken buses. Most people can afford it anyhow. Further, a three-hour journey to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala will cost about $9. The shuttles are very comforting while the prices are reasonable too.

  1. Chicken buses

It is one of the popular modes of transport found in Guatemala. These chicken buses are old recycled school buses and are the cheapest way to move about in Guatemala. Unfortunately, there is no maximum capacity, and these buses are usually very crowded.

  1. Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks can travel short distances easily. Unless you can walk home, you can quickly get using a Tuk Tuk. Likewise, you can get home after a volcano trip or a night of partying.

What can you see in Guatemala?

There is staggering natural beauty all around. The Maya Ruins of Tikal are a famous place to visit for sightseeing. Further, experience the best of Guatemala in all its glory. The temples are set in the backdrop of volcanic eruptions. There is plenty of wildlife, and you can spot butterflies flying from all sides. If you are a bird watcher, take a ferry ride from Rio Dulce to Livingston. There is rainforest on both towers of the bank.

Guatemala is a safe region, and solo travellers can visit without fear. Of course, you should avoid parts of the city, but everything will be fine other than that.


Explore the best of Guatemala by visiting its cafes and restaurants. Everything is designed in the modern style, with meals ranging around $8 to $15. So book your tickets today, and don’t miss the fun!