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The Inside-Outside Living Trend Explained

Inside-outside living has become very much a part of modern life – with homeowners everywhere creating outside spaces which not only complement their interior designs, but which become a core part of their living space during the summer months.

To design inside-outside living space is to lean heavily on the influence of natural light, open doors, light and bright colours, and the blend of comfortable and practical furnishings across your inside and outside spaces – and what better way to embrace this than with one of our new mobile homes in situ.

Our range of mobile homes and static caravans is perfectly suited to holiday parks, your own stretch of land, a large garden, or an alternative location of your choosing. And with such a broad array of designs and structures on offer, it has never been easier for mobile homeowners to curate their own inside-outside living space for summer or all year round.

How to make an inside-outside living work for you

When you buy a mobile home, one of the first things you will notice is how premium the designs are in terms of comfort – presenting a compact yet functional and comfortable space in which to live. One of the major trends that we have seen in the static caravan and mobile home market is an increase in interior space – achieved by extending ceilings upwards, removing built-in storage and opening out the living areas so that they feel bigger and brighter. This, paired with the large windows that can be found across our collection of new and used caravans, and the transparent glass doors which optimise the flow of natural light, enable you to create a flowing living space without barriers between the inside and outside space.

Here are some tips on making inside-outside living work for you

  • Integrate a colour scheme across both areas, be it bright and vibrant or neutral and soft
  • Don’t be afraid to use interior furnishings outside – but be prepared to move or cover them if it rains
  • Think about the flow of movement between both spaces
  • Frame doorways and windows with indoor plants across your interior space
  • Find outdoor furniture which presents a clean and modern aesthetic

Build your perfect outdoor oasis

When you buy a static caravan or mobile home from Sunrise Holiday Homes, you give yourself a chance to immerse yourself in a life close to nature. Whether an extension on your home structure, a sophisticated summer house, or somewhere that can soon become your family go-to holiday space for years to come, we offer a range of static caravans from both the new and used markets.

And the experience doesn’t end when you purchase your caravan – with our unrivalled after-buy service continuing to support customers as they get to know their mobile home.