Some of the Best Places and Old Streets and Cathedrals to Visit in Ferrara

There are many things that you will come to know about Ferrara, Italy. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and it is a place where you will find a magnificent castle, remarkable cathedral, and intriguing palace. Ferrara is located in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. In the year 1995, Ferrara was named a World Heritage Centre, by UNESCO. Ferrara is a university town and has 16,000 students from among the overall population of 132,000. Apart from all of thatFerrara Italy, also represents several different ages with its architecture which distances the Middle Ages and also the following 4 decades of a renaissance. One of the multi-epoch heritages in the middle of the historic center is the Estense castle. Originally this was created as a fortress that with the passage of time evolved into a Renaissance palace.

City’s Oldest Streets – 

Then, from the Estense Castle, you walk 3 minutes and reach the Piazza Trento e Trieste and Ferrara Cathedral. It is also known as St. George’s Cathedral, which you can see from the other end of the square. After exploring these parts of Ferrara Italy, you can take a stroll from Via Mazzini up to Via Delle Volte, which is one of the city’s oldest streets. It dates back to the Middle Ages and will bring you straight to Ferrara’s Jewish quarter. From here you can take your visits to several palaces on the route to palazzo dei diamanti, Palazzina Marfisa d’Este, Casa dei Romei, and also to Palazzo Schifanoia, and these are some of the fascinating places in the history of the region.

Renaissance Palace –

After you have visited all of these places you can take a walk along the north i.e., the city’s ancient fortified walls. There you can enjoy the leafy greenery and the vantage points of the city again making your way to Palazzo dei Diamante, which is a Renaissance palace and now it is a museum. Then, when you walk a few blocks beyond you will find a former monastery that is built in the 15th Century and is home to a beautiful cemetery also known as Certosa di Ferrara. And, one of the best methods for experiencing the culture of Ferrara is to ask the locals for their ideas and opinion on the place.

Elisa Faccini Views about Ferrara –

You can also look online for knowing Ferrara’s unique place history through Elisa Faccini, who is a guide at Guide Estense. It is since the age of 1995 the Renaissance Area of Ferrara is known as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. One of the reasons for the same is that the cited area of Ferrara is the result or outcome of the 1st urban rectangular plan in Europe, which makes the city (Ferrara) the first real modern city on the continent. During the Renaissance period, Ferrara was one of the most pivotal European capitals as explained by Elisa. It was the place of residence of the Estense family- a very suave and influential dynasty that had a main role in the politics of Europe during those days.