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If you are planning your dream Maldives vacation, chances are you are concerned about overspending your budget. The Maldives happens to be one of the most favorite holiday getaways of celebrities from around the world, meaning that a trip to the Maldives usually costs a limb if not planned ahead.

If planned correctly, however, your Maldives expedition can be an inexpensive affair, and we are here to share a few neat tricks. With private islands, and overwater bungalows attached to almost every resort, the Maldives has some of the clearest waters of the Indian Ocean.

Spend Your Next Eid Vacation in the Maldives:

If you plan on experiencing Maldives like a local, there is no better time to visit the country than Eid. The Maldives has been an Islamic nation since 1153, and Eid is an important festival for the natives.

During Eid the resorts host events celebrating the festivity, which is both entertaining and informative for the guests. Apart from all the in-house action, guests can partake in numerous social activities held on all major islands.

The festivities include local and Western music shows, along with live performances from brass bands, cadets and the National Security Service. The events are highly anticipated throughout the year, and is celebrated in grand proportions.

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There are two primary ways to explore the Maldives. One, via the traditional luxury resort all-inclusive package deals. Two, through the unconventional backpacking route. Although the latter is a more economical way to travel, we suggest splurging a little in order to live the entire Maldives experience to the fullest.

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