Know About India’s Only B2B Travel Media Platform

India Outbound is a Media India Group brand and is India’s only comprehensive B2B/B2C travel media platform, which is entirely dedicated to the promotion of foreign destinations and products in India.  It encompasses a print magazine, a website, an online TV channel, and active social media platforms. 

The magazine and its related digital media assets such as videos, social media, and online reports, specialize in bringing original, well-researched, and thought-provoking articles to the readers.

The platform comprises comprehensive coverage of all the news, analysis of the market trends, strategies, and other development through print articles, web articles, social media news, and video features.

India Outbound also brings to the Indian travel trade the latest technologies, tools, trends, and strategies being adopted by destinations as well as travel trade professionals around the world and how they may be adapted for India. 

India Outbound reaches to the Indian B2B industry and travel enthusiasts through-

Bi-monthly Magazine

The magazine is published once every two months. Anyone can subscribe to the online version by following minor registration steps and/or subscribe to the print version at a minimal cost. 

IO Newsletter

India Outbound publishes an exclusive weekly digest of outbound travel trade news, analyzed and selected by its reporters which are then sent out to over 30,000 members of the travel trade industry in India. IO (short form for India Outbound) Newsletter not just carries the important B2B trade news of the week but also carries special features with a focus on region or themes, specially curated for the B2C audience. 


India Outbound’s website is modern, dynamic, and full of information. Based on one’s interest from a travel trade professional or simply a travel enthusiast, the platform has categorized sections in a way that one can find what they are seeking in terms of global destination coverage with an Indian touch and keeping in mind the travel requirements from India.


The aim of India Outbound is to provide trending news, analysis, and reports on the Indian outbound travel industry; influence the industry with in-depth information and serve as a tool and platform for the outbound industry decision-makers to make their strategies, and offer a multi-support platform for global destinations and products to promote themselves to a targeted audience and increase their market share.

Channel – IO TV

For the travel enthusiasts– You want a guide for traveling through a destination, or perhaps it’s the cuisine you want to know. Maybe it’s the thrill of adventure that you are seeking, or it’s the green adventure of ecotourism that you prefer? Whatever type of tourism that you seek, India Outbound promises to provide that. 

The type of experience articles India Outbound publishes is to make you feel as if you are really experiencing the destination itself. India Outbound is also the only online TV channel that is dedicated to news and features global destinations with an Indian angle. We have an archive of nearly 300 videos featuring carrying key interviews with decision-makers of destinations and tourism companies from all over the world as well as coverage of unique and offbeat destinations, event reports, roadshows, and much more.

Apart from India Outbound, Media India Group also publishes 5 other magazines in four different languages: English, French, Spanish, and German. These magazines include Indes in French,  India & You in English, Indien Fur Sie in German, Destino la India in Spanish, Biz@India (business magazine) in English focus on the promotion of bilateral exchanges between India and the European Union in sectors like Food processing, Aeronautics, Skill Development, etc.

These are also the only magazines promoting India with a reach spanning 45 countries in four continents and key partners in Indian tourism and business in Europe.