Epic Island Escapes – No Passport Required!

Did you know that Australia has a plethora of beautiful islands just waiting to be visited that don’t require any passports to visit. That’s because Australia is home to a range of beautiful island territories that are technically considered to be part of this country. As such, you don’t need a passport to visit any of them, as they are considered domestic travel.

So, if you feel like visiting a beautiful island but don’t want to travel internationally, then consider taking your next holiday to any of these stunning island destinations.

Visit Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is an Australian territory in the south Pacific Ocean that is home to stunning beaches, gorgeous Norfolk pine trees and an overall relaxing atmosphere. As a result, it’s no wonder this island has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.

The best way to experience the beauty of this island though, is to hop on a boat or helicopter and explore the surrounding waters. You can scuba dive, snorkel and even whale watch. There’s so much to do here that you will never get bored!

Visit Lord Howe Island

Another island that is part of the Australian territory of New South Wales is Lord Howe Island. It’s a gorgeous island that is known for its national parks, pristine beaches and coral reefs.

You’ll find plenty of activities here. If you’re looking for some hiking, you can go trekking around the island. If you’re a fan of nature, you can take a hike along the beautiful beaches. If you’re a scuba diver, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters.

There’s also fishing, boating, kayaking, sailing and swimming. Do all of these things and more during your next Lord Howe Island holiday. So, if you’re looking for a bit of adventure, you should definitely check out this island.

Visit Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is located off the coast of the mainland Australian city of Adelaide. This island is a nature lover’s paradise.

It’s known for its national parks, stunning beaches and huge swaths of land that are perfect for camping. There’s also plenty of wildlife to see here.

The best way to experience this island though is by visiting the island’s many national parks. Here, you can hike, swim, sail, camp and even spot kangaroos.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed holiday, you can also visit the island’s many beaches. The water is usually calm, making for a great day at the beach.

Magnetic Island

This island is part of the Australian state of Queensland. It’s located about halfway between Townsville and is a popular destination for tourists.

There are plenty of things to do here. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the island by hiking, sailing, camping and swimming. You can also enjoy some diving and snorkeling.

If you’re looking for some shopping, there are many unique stores to check out. You can also enjoy some live music and dining options.

You can fly into the island from Brisbane or Cairns, making it easy to visit.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a large island that is part of the Australian state of Victoria. It’s known for its many beaches, national parks and lots of fun activities.

The best way to enjoy this island is by enjoying the many activities that are available. You can go hiking, cycling, horse riding, sailing, surfing, fishing and camping.

You can also enjoy some diving and snorkeling in the area. There are many beautiful beaches to visit, making it a great place to relax.

You can fly into Phillip Island from Melbourne or Geelong, making it easy to visit.

Escape to These Islands

These are just some of the many islands in Australia that you can visit, all of which are accessible without a passport! There are so many other beautiful places to see in this incredible country.