Best Date Places in Harrogate

Love is in the air, and you’re planning a special day for your special person. You want to make this date night (or day) memorable and wish to do something great during your stay in Harrogate. We hear you! Like other life aspects and tourist facilities, Harrogate’s dating scene is also great. You can explore some of the best eateries, cinemas, parks, and hiking ventures in Harrogate to make the most out of your time. 

So, if you want a great date in Harrogate, here are some ideas you should look into:

Walk Hand-in-Hand in the Valley Gardens 

The Valley Gardens are always pleasing to the eye and heart. If you’re going on a date during the day, take your partner to the Valley Gardens and admire this place’s exceptional beauty from up close. Since these gardens look stunning in all seasons, there’s no right or wrong time to visit them. From golden autumn colours to bright spring hues, the Valley Gardens will always feel right for a romantic date.

Book a Couple’s Spa Session 

While Harrogate is known to be a spa town, how can you overlook this facility as a date idea? If you and your partner are seeking a break from life stresses or simply want to experience how spas and massages feel, Harrogate has you covered. Book a couple’s spa session near your Harrogate accommodation and let the masseuses do their magic. This is an excellent bonding and unwinding activity for couples, especially if you want to treat your other half to something nice. 

Explore the Town’s Famous High Teas

When in Harrogate, having some great high teas is the rule. If you have heard about Betty’d Tea rooms or Harrogate’s High Teas, plan your date around these great venues. You can reserve a table at a tea room, order in some Harrogate-special delicacies and enjoy the quintessential British Tea and cake experience. If your idea of a perfect date is more about talking and getting to know each other, these high tea places will suit you the most.

Watch a Movie in Everyman Cinema 

An evening date in the Everyman cinema sounds perfect! This high-end place is redefining cinema by catering to your comfort and offering you incredible services while you watch the movie. If you love trying new places, a movie date in Harrogate will be great. The best thing about a cinema date in Harrogate is that most of these places are near most of the serviced apartments in Harrogate, so you don’t have to go far. You won’t have to worry about long commutes to and from the cinema, something you can’t enjoy in larger busy cities. 

Have some Seafood at Drum and Monkey

If treating your tastebuds to some divine seafood is the goal, the Drum and Monkey restaurant is your place. This widely-admired and cosy restaurant serves the best seafood in town – you and your date will surely have a great time. 

Summing Up 

Whether you’re staying in serviced apartments in Harrogate or a family lodge, you won’t run out of date options here. This town’s serene gardens, high-end eateries, and outdoor places are all great. You can plan a date anywhere in Harrogate according to your preferences and have an amazing time!