Benefits make your private property tenants for your friends and family to stayy.

If you are living destination is tourist’s places? This post brings one of business dealing for you, which will be payback for your destination that in tourist places. The person how to have the property not used by the family. Instead of locking the destination as you can offer it to the tenants. In the per cent of tourist’s analysis, the traveller is looking for a room facility or staying environment that is convenient for them, within the budget limit and comfortable.

So if they are booking the property, which is tenant’s services, if you make your property tenants as sure, you will get the payback instated of locking it without usage. To help you in making your private property tenants as you can reach the stayy page. Today this page is highly suggested by experience people, where it offers comfortable support to stayy clients as for the clients to customer.

What kind of property to private’s tenants can share on stayy? 

Are you new to the stayy page? For you, this passage answers your questions about which property you can share on this page will be deep.

The person who wants to sell their property to private tenants an as either a home or apartment can be shared on this page. In addition, the property for the vacation as even can be shared on this page. So to know more about sharing property processes, you can approach the support team from the platform.

They are one professional support from the platform site to help stayy guests sort out their needs regarding making your private’s tenants page. The support team from the platform site will be active anytime so that you can approach them without any indecision through the office contact link.

Is that possible to remove the shared property from the guest list 

Another question for a newcomer to stayy is whether it will be possible to remove their property ass from the guest list. From the stayy side, as the feature is also high, develop where to remove property from the guest page as you need not want to do a long process and wait for a long day, as in a short time you can process.

To remove the property from the guest list from the page, the user needs to address the office page of their share properly, and then they need to reach the property page. Following the property page, the user needs to click the overflow button, which is present at the top right corner.

Clicking the confirm button ensures that you want to remove their property from the guest list. Even to help in this process, the support team from the platform side will be active at any cost. To make you a private property tenant, you need to implement many effects as if you use the support stayy. In contrast, by sharing the post, family and friends will be approaching your deal.