Are You Looking Forward to Going on a Diving Trip in Similan Islands? You Should Read This

If you’re set for a diving trip in Thailand, it can be a bit of a challenge choosing where to visit and what to explore! Like most travellers, there are two main diving sites that you can choose from: the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Depending on what time of year you go, you’ll have either option available to you or both! Similan is quite a popular diving spot in the Andaman Sea and many people prefer this spot for diving trips.

However, when it comes to diving in Thailand, you want to make sure that your training and equipment are up to par with expectations because there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a dive just to find out that your regulator might need some serious fixing. Because we really want this excursion to be your first step into the world of scuba diving we highly recommend choosing an instructor who’s well-trained, has to experience with teaching beginners, let alone knows exactly how excited amateurs get when they jump head-first into a whole new hobby. Remember always dive safe!

Why You Should Consider Diving in the Similan Islands?

A number of the best dive sites in Thailand are found at the Similan Island Marine Park. These destinations are available to divers who want to explore their underwater world with beauty and elegance. Some of these top destinations include Tachai, Richelieu Rock diving site, and Koh Bon, which is a gorgeous macro dive site located in the Surin Islands for divers who love to observe clusters of marine life.

The Similan Islands are one of the best places to do scuba diving in Asia. Located off the coast of Thailand, they can be reached by going to Ranong, Phuket, or Khao Lak. To dive in the Similan Islands, it is best to book a liveaboard trip because they’re far out, and almost impossible to reach on a day trip. Many liveaboard companies in the area combine trips to Similan Islands with Surin Island. If you search decently, you will reach out to a reliable liveaboard agency in Similan.

The Best Time for Similan Diving

The Similan Islands are in a national park that is open from October 15th to May 15th. Before deciding on your holiday, check if the timing suits you and the rest of your group because some liveaboards only run from November to April before eventually switching off until next season, while others might be running until as late as April. During your trip to these islands, the water temperature usually hovers around a comfortable 29C degrees – at most, you should wear a 3mm wetsuit. Many people are happy with wearing just a rashguard or shortie.

Final Words

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