7 Tips to Get Better Cheap Hotel Booking Deals This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season and we are all looking forward to relishing some special time with our loved ones. In India, there are innumerable places where you can visit during the vacation season to enjoy the best of travel experiences. Whether you love hills, snow-capped mountains, long sandy beaches, historical towns, or cultural settlements, you always have dozens of great options to choose from.

But how to get the cheapest and best hotel booking deals for your vacation? Well, getting the right deal for your hotel booking isn’t a big task as you just need to know certain tips and tricks. These essential tips would help you understand how you can save huge on your bookings. So, let’s delve deep here and learn more about them:

Book as Early as Possible

If you are a frequent traveller, then you must know that the earlier you book your hotel, the cheaper the deal will be. It is because as we near our travel date, the hotel prices rise up and reach their maximum limit. So, make sure to book your hotel, resort, or guesthouse as early as possible.

Use an Online Hotel Booking App

One of the best ways to cut out a handsome deal on hotel booking is by using an online room booking app like Goibibo. You can download the app from the Google Play Store as well as Apple Store and sign up to start using them. With Goibibo online room booking app, you can avail a discount of up to 25% on your first hotel booking. Moreover, you can enjoy premium discounts, seasonal offers, and promotional deals every month. These apps also have great bank offers and credit card discounts for their customers.

Avail Last-minute Deals

If you have the patience to wait until the last moment, then there are chances to avail awesome last-minute deals on hotels and resorts. These deals can provide you with a discount of up to 40% on the actual price. In some cases, it has gone as high as 60%. You can keep a tab on the social media pages of hotel booking apps to remain updated about last-minute deals. You can also turn on push notifications to learn more about ongoing offers and deals.

Call the Hotel for Discounts

If you are unable to get the deal you are looking for anywhere on the internet, then you can also call up the hotel desk and ask for discounts straightaway. If you are going to stay at the hotel for 2 days or more, there are high chances of getting exclusive discounts on your room booking. You can also request late check-out and early check-in at no additional cost if you are calling up the hotel desk.

Join Hotel Rewards Program

Most premium and lavish hotels across the world have hotel rewards programs wherein customers earn some points for each of their bookings with the hotel. These points are equivalent to a certain amount and can be used for future bookings. So, if you are someone who travels regularly and looks forward to huge savings, then it is advisable to sign up for a hotel rewards program. These loyalty programs would surely help benefit you in a lot of ways.

Try New Hotels

You can also pick up new hotels for your booking to get the cheapest deal. It is because every new business looks forward to maintaining a good reputation amongst customers and owing to this, they roll out special deals and discounts for their guests. You can take advantage of that and lock the best deal out there. Just go on Google and search for new hotels in your destination. 

Travel During Off-Season

If you are travelling to a popular tourist destination like Shimla, Goa, Ooty, etc during the peak season, you are bound to encounter a huge tourist crowd. And when the demand is high, the hotel prices automatically rise up. To save yourself from this, travel during the off-season. During this time, you can also avail heavy discounts on flights, bus tickets, food, adventure activities, etc.