6 Benefits of Golf Cart Rentals in Key West Florida

Key West is a city full of unique things. However, if you want to experience it all and not get lost, renting a golf cart might be your best bet. Not only will it help you explore the city faster while avoiding traffic jams and parking fees but also give you more freedom in terms of what roads/paths you want to take. This blog post will talk about the top benefits of golf cart rentals in Key West, Florida.

Here is the list for you:

You can explore the city faster:

If you want to explore Key West, then a golf carriage is the right choice. You can rent one for a day or two and get around faster without worrying about traffic jams. The best part is that you will not need any driving skills since there are no intersections or stoplights on island roads!

For example, if you want to travel from Key West to Bahia Honda State Park, then it would take you around 45 minutes by car. However, if you rent a golf cart, then it would only take 10-15 minutes!

It’s more convenient than walking or using public transportation:

If you have a lot of luggage with you, then walking around Key West can be quite tiring. You will also have to carry your bags around on foot if there is no place where you can leave them behind.

On the other hand, renting a golf carriage is much more convenient as it allows you to travel from one place to another without having to worry about anything else!

It’s cheap:

The price of a golf cart rental in Key West is very affordable. You can rent one for as little as $20 per day and up to three days, depending on your needs. If you plan on staying longer than that, renting carts for longer periods at reduced rates is possible.

For example, you can rent a cart for two weeks at $200, which works out to just $10 per day. This is much cheaper than renting a car or using public transportation!

You can go off-roading if you want to:

If you want to go off-roading and explore Key West at your own pace, then renting a cart is the best option. You’ll be able to visit all kinds of places that aren’t accessible by car. For example, you can go to the lighthouse at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. There’s no other way to get there besides on foot or by off-road vehicle.

It’s safe and easy to drive:

The most common misconception about golf carriages is that they are challenging to drive. It is not true! It’s quite easy to learn how to drive a cart in Key West Florida. You can even take your friends out for a ride and have them experience the joy of driving one themselves!

The biggest advantage of using a golf cart rental service is that they are extremely safe and easy-to-use vehicles that can be driven anywhere: on streets, sidewalks or parking lots.

You can avoid traffic and parking fees:

The cost of parking in Key West is something to consider. The average price for a day at the beach, including admission and parking, is $20-$30. You can avoid this fee by renting a cart and parking it on your private property or in one of our many free public lots.

Another benefit of choosing to rent a golf cart instead of driving yourself is that you won’t have to worry about traffic congestion during peak hours, which can happen throughout most days of the year. Traffic jams are common on Duval Street due to its narrow roads and high volume of tourists; if you’re heading out early or late enough in the day (or just not interested in being part of all that), then renting will make things much easier for everyone involved!


Golf cart rentals in Key West Florida are a great way to explore the city from the comfort of your vehicle. They’re safe, easy to drive and provide plenty of room for passengers. They are also an excellent way to avoid crowds and enjoy a bit of freedom from your usual routine. If you’re looking for an economical way to get around town without worrying about parking or getting stuck in traffic jams then consider renting a cart!