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Ideas for making your own Christmas Ornaments

Decorating a house on Christmas can be one of the most beloved activities for the whole family, especially when the Christmas decorations are homemade. How are Christmas ornaments made? With a little imagination, paper, glitter, sixed and paintings, you can create very original Christmas ornaments (and much cheaper).
The activity of making the ornaments can be one of a family Christmas celebrations, along with decorating the Christmas tree and assembling the crib. Below are some ideas on how to make Christmas ornaments very simple:

  • Ornaments for the Christmas tree
  • Christmas decorations for the home
  • Christmas ornaments for outdoors

There are many ideas and crafts we can do year after year to avoid repeating Christmas designs and getting the look you like best without spending much money. With different types of paper such as crepe paper, which allows wrinkles, stretches, can be molded easily … we can make centerpieces, Christmas rosettes, donuts for the front door or even napkin rings for Christmas table. We may also use cellophane, a brilliant but somewhat stiff transparent ideal for packaging sweets and create details in gift wrapping.
And do not forget wrapping paper in gold, silver, red and green tones that make the base of the Christmas tree during the holidays remains coated. We can create false packets with different shapes, sizes and roles that make Christmas the Christmas season even more fun looking for gifts and enjoying weeks before the Christmas decorations.

Ornaments for the Christmas tree

Silver bells: the cups of an egg carton cut. Each glass is wrapped in paper albal. A thread is sewn at the base of the glass with the help of a glass needle to hang upside down to look like a bell.

Bright stars: one star is drawn and cut cardboard. It may be a big star to put on top, and several small to decorate the rest of the tree. The yellow star painted. Once the paint is dry, another star within this glue is drawn, then gold or silver glitter spreads around the entire star. It is left for a few minutes for the glue to dry. Star is then stirred to release the glitter has not fallen over the tail (is advisable to do this on a piece of paper to be reused in other adornment glitter). There will be a pretty star glitter in the yellow star. A hole is made to put the thread to hang it on the tree.

Golden pineapples: Go to an area of pine trees to stroll and pick up a pineapple. Once home, use a spray paint color gold (or silver) and cover with paint pineapples (is convenient to do so on newsprint to avoid staining). Pineapples can be hung on the tree or if they are very large, used for a centerpiece or a corner.

Snowmen: white cardboard, cotton and oil is required. A snowman figurines trimmed, including hat (ie, big ball, small ball and hat shape all together). the hat is painted black and a hole for the thread is made. The rest of the doll is covered with glue, and small pieces of cotton sticks around. Then do the same thing on the other side, so you have cotton and black hat in both.

Laces: A simple loop is a perfect for the Christmas tree, especially if it is red, gold or silver ornaments. Choose a color scheme for your tree, and according to this, make pretty bows in some of the larger branches. In the video below they teach us how to make other ornaments for the tree. For more ideas on Christmas ornaments for the house and Christmas decorations for the garden, see video below.






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