How and when is Grandparents Day celebrated around the world?

Each country has its own festival when it comes to Grandparents Day; such celebrations vary on date and activities depending on each culture. Here are some examples:

  • In Argentina Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in August.
  • In Brazil, grandparents’ day, known as “day two avós”, coincides with the celebration in Spain, on July 26, where this celebration also pays tribute to grandparents of Jesus Christ, patrons of the Spanish celebration. In Honduras they have the same tradition.
  • In Canada they celebrate Grandparents Day on the second Sunday of September each year.
  • In Chile there are two different times to honor grandparents, October 1, the same day that the international celebration by the UN proposal, and October 15.
  • In Colombia Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in August.
  • In Costa Rica the celebration takes place between October 1 and 10.
  • In Ecuador it is celebrated on May 5.
  • In the United States it is celebrated the first Sunday in September after Labor Day, which takes place the first Monday of September.
  • In France celebrates the day of the grandmother and takes place the first Sunday in March.
  • In Mexico the celebration takes place on August 28.
  • In Poland the celebration takes place on January 21 and 22.
  • In the UK the first Sunday of October is when the celebration takes place.
  • Uruguay honors their elders every June 19th while Venezuela does on May 29.
  • In Japan there is no specific date to honor grandparents day, as their ancestral culture has taught them to recognize and respect their elders above all the 365 days of the year.

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