Wonderful ideas to celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is approaching and here are some ideas to celebrate that special member of the family. The idea is to show how much you love him and make him feel important.

Father and son with bicycles

1. Wake up dad with breakfast in bed: an activity for a dad who likes to eat well and sleep late.


Who would not like to have breakfast in bed? Dad will love waking up with laughter and kisses and, above all, not having to get out of bed for a while but to enjoy a great breakfast.

Put the alarm early and prepare with your children a sponge cake or another easy recipe, such as mini chocolate crepes. Kids will love this adventure! But try to keep quiet so as not to wake Dad. The lucky father who receives this gift will feel very special if bearing in mind the time and dedication that his family had to give this surprise.

2. Make a family day out with picnic included: an activity for a dad who likes the outdoors and adventure.


If your day enjoys celebrating outdoors, this activity is for you. Search a nature reserve, park or mountain that is close to home and plan a picnic with snacks or dishes that dad enjoys. Once you are outdoors, take a tour that is not too demanding (especially if there are young children in your family) and when you have opened their appetite enjoy the picnic that you prepared. This activity will help you avoid restaurants that are sure to be crowded this day.

3. Take pictures with dad in the center: an activity for a dad with personality


Make a paper crown and ask Him to wear it. After all go for a walk in the city visiting dad’s favorite places. It can be a corner of the park, the home of his grandparents, the school where he studied, his favorite restaurant, etc. In each place, take him several photos using the crown. It will be a fun way to take it to places that are special to him, talk about their story, and recall important moments of his life.

4. Prepare a coupon book: an activity for a dad who needs help


Nothing better than a gift that involves many gifts! Prepare children with a small coupon book that Dad can use throughout the year. Among the coupons they may find different gifts options for him or the whole family and so he shall choose what he wants to do in his day. You can also add coupons as: “Helping Dad wash the car”, “Today I take out the trash,” “Okay for a hug,” “Today dad is the remote control owner” and “Good for massage” for Dad enjoy the coupon book and small gifts throughout the year.

5. Make a show for Dad: an activity for a dad who has children with personality


Show him how important it is for you and your family with a show full of surprises. You have a daughter who sings? A son who dances? Or children who like acting? A week before the date of Father’s Day ask each one of your children to prepare a presentation that may include reciting poems, singing, dancing, music, or whatever they want (but thinking of dad). Once the big day has arrived, make the star of the day sit in a comfortable chair, and let him enjoy the show.

6. Promise a day without technology: for a dad with a “very connected” family


Today’s idea is to focus on dad and not in our mobile phones and computers. This activity is recommended for parents or teens, who seem to have the technology at the center of their world. No matter what you decide to do in the day, the fact that they have no cellphone will avoid distractions and let us concentrate on what matters most: Dad. You will see how the family dynamics change and the benefits that one day “off” can bring. Perhaps you will make this a permanent activity and have “disconnected dinners” (no one can touch your phone until you finish dinner), “disconnected walks” or even “Sundays without cell”.