Tips for having a great Monday!

For many, Monday is the hardest day of the week. Actually, I confess that I like Mondays very much. It is not difficult for me to get up with good attitude and willing to improve. So, for those people who suffer every time this day approaches, here I share some tips that I found surfing the internet.


1. Do not rush on Monday morning

Start the week rested in a relaxed atmosphere with a good breakfast, a refreshing shower, and maybe by doing some little exercise or a walk outdoors. It is important that you give your body and mind a bit of time to adjust after the weekend. If you start the week in a hurry, you are bound to stress yourself on the way.




2. Organize your workspace on Friday

The last thing you want to see on Monday morning is a messy desk. Keep this in mind as you prepare to start your weekend on Friday and make the effort to tidy up your workspace. You’ll never stop to thank yourself, when you get to work on Monday.



3. Have a plan for Monday night

Knowing you have something fun waiting makes it easier to survive the toughest day of the week. It does not need to be a big deal – go to the movies, organize a pizza night with your family, attend a yoga class or go for a drink after work. But don’t do it too late: the idea is to eliminate the downturn Monday, not to put it off for Tuesday.




4. Dress well

For more superficial it may seem, dressing well will improve your mood. When you stand in front of the cabinet on Monday morning, do yourself a favor and choose something that really suits you. Go out dressed as a star and your mood will be great.


5. Clean your things to do list

Your slump Monday is not going anywhere if you keep putting off the things you have to do. Dos don’t disappear, no matter how long you put them off. Procrastination is always accompanied by guilt; therefore if you remove some of these tasks on Monday, you’ll feel better about yourself.


6. Do not be grouchy

Ok, so you hate Mondays and there is nothing you want to do more than advancing the week and get to Friday as a DVD. That will not happen, so you’d better let go the bad humor. Either way, a little self-pity is acceptable.


7. Listen to music that cheers you up

The effect that music has on the mood of the people is amazing. You’ll be surprised how one song can totally affect the state of your mind. Either by connecting the headphones to your desktop or using your MP3 player for a short walk – give yourself time to a tune at least.

Young woman enjoying music on headphones

Hope these tips are useful and wish you all a great Monday!

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