The Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here and we want to help you choosing the best present for that person who gave you birth. Next you will find a list of ideas for you to read and choose the best option. Hope you enjoy it and tell us the results!

  1.  A sweet treasure hunt: Write clues that will drive your mother to special places, where for example you can surprise her by buying a cake or a little treat. As a final touch, you can organize a picnic with her.
  2. A homemade soap: If you make your own soap you can customize it to your mother’s tastes with a few drops of your favorite essential oils or flower petals.
  3. A clothesline full of pretty pictures: If you have space in a room or in the garden, make a selection of pictures and hang them with tweezers. You can even write a message on the back of the snapshots.
  4. A cup-candle: You can convert a vintage cup on a candle that will give a more inviting touch to your mom’s moments of relaxation.








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